Julia’s purpose is 3 fold: to champion, share knowledge and bring about positive change. Having lived and worked in both the UK and USA, and international travels with clients in four continents in combination with her thirst for knowledge, curiosity and long term interest in personal development, including, the meta-physical and what Julia calls spiritual intelligence has allowed Julia to build a library of career, branding, business and lifestyle gems.


She took on her first mentoring role in her early twenties and throughout her career regardless of “hat” or industry has always taken on the role of listener, motivational voice, and champion. Her journey, eclectic. Her life story filled with multiple leaps of faith, mountains of challenges and adventures.


From the corporate floorboards in UK, to the fashion catwalks in New York, the soccer fields in Milan and USA, to the entertainment platforms of Hollywood sprinkled with middle eastern and Asian travels provides Julia with a unique combination of professional and lifestyle experience, insights and learnings.

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Julia is a humanitarian whose ethos is we can all make a difference. It could be as simple as sharing a smile to a stranger, recycling , purchasing event tickets or donating time and resource. The planet requires a united approach to drive real change and action if humanity is to survive- think green, think sustainability, think all humans deserve the basics in life.