Mpowering Artists Through Mentoring 
Artist Mentor 

To succeed in the business you need not just raw talent and determination, but support and  championing  from someone who understands the business and creative demands of the entertainment industry and who truly has your back.

Mentoring helps refine your whole approach by sharpening your creativity, energizing day-to-day activities, guiding on best practices to ensure you (the artist) or you the executive or you (the label, agent, mgr) your artists is as a creative, effective and impactful as they can be to deliver on schedules. 

Working directly with artists as well as with talent  teams (agents, mgrs, A&R) 

[In studio, on set, or 1:1 sessions] 

Branding & Storytelling 
Brand & Creative Director  

As a fresh pair of creative eyes I help companies and individuals get clarity as well as re-clarify their purpose, positioning, key messaging leveraging the power of brand principles and storytelling as a means to differentiate, grow reach, value and influence. 

Experienced working in luxury, lifestyle and entertainment  industries.

Creative sensibilities applied to:

* Marketing campaigns 

* Unscripted TV formats

* Music production 

* Branded film

* Short form & promo videos 

* Websites

* Social media content 

* Stills shoots 

* PR campaigns 

Entertainment & A List Engagement 
Advisor, Trainer & Consultant 

Supporting & guiding people, brands, start ups wishing to interface with, collaborate with the entertainment industry.


Providing training & insights to those companies who provide services to A list and celebrity clientele. I have worked in inner circles and with A list celebrity's profiles across four continents. 

Working with companies who interface with celebrity talent via way of endorsements, marketing and advertising campaigns (ad, marketing, production agency) to ensure smoothe and elevated experience. 

Supporting industry leads to deliver creative deliverables and support on contractual negotiations i.e. Brand endorsements

Ambassador & Voice 

Ambassador to brands, products,

services that I align with.


Email marketing: personalized email  to a designed target list. 

Producing simple and effective LinkedIn posts and social media posts highlighting your brand, service. 

Producing articles or video sound bites  based on an experience  with your brand i.e. restaurant, hotel stay, spa day, race track experience.

A philosophy of positive psychology 


Music Artists

* A&R

* Music production

* 360 mentoring 

* Marketing 

Working with Julia there is never a dull moment, every session is sandwiched with a ‘WooHoo’, especially when the tasks at hand are tough.

Powered by a philosophy of positive mental attitude, extensive business knowledge, creative sensibilities the quality of work and efficacy of the team has never been better nor have we ever felt more inspired to achieve our goals and dreams!  (TRIBE )

Personalised strategy..


Author. Cancer Survivor. Speaker

* Personal Branding 

* Motivational mentoring, spiritual coaching 

* Media relations 

* Media training 

"I think the best way to describe Julia is, branding unicorn. I’ve never met anyone with such a brilliant and unique mind. Julia has the gifted ability to predict clients’ needs ahead of time and the flexibility to construct a personalized strategy. She’s been vital in elevating my career. I deeply admire her diligence and methodology. The results speak for themselves. I’m grateful that Julia has truly built me up both on the inside and out." - K Tronic  (Author, Speaker) 

Working in confidential environments


Global Artist. Entrepreneur 

* Day to day talent management LA/NY/London

* 6 month international music tour which the below   

   testimonial references. 

" I could not have done it without her." 

Examples of brands worked for and  worked and engaged with on client projects.