Not afraid to challenge the status quo as a means to elevate productivity and outcomes.. Julia is at one with the notion of  “infinite possibilities.” She has an innate ability to ideate, conceptualize and re-engineer whilst applying  brand building principles to differentiate and elevate.


Julia's specialty her ability to tune in and personalize her clients experience providing objective support.


An intuitive mentor, Julia effortlessly takes on this role supporting individuals and teams to maximize their potential, develop skills, improve performance and have fun as a tool to activate and amplify creativity. 

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Angel:                                                Purpose driven with humanitarian heart.

Activator:                                         Provide the energy, drive to organise, get things in motion.

Creative                                           Geyser of ideas and creativity.

Continents:                                     Worked with clients in Asia, Australasia, Europe, North America. 

Doing:                                               Harmonize. Re-engineer. From great to brilliant.

Entrepreneurial:                           A kaleidoscope of ingenuity and solutions. 

Human:                                            Champion to others,  Mpowering.

Love:                                                  The outdoors. Music. Food. Design. Things that’s sparkle.

Magician:                                         IQ + EQ + SQ [spiritual intelligence]   

Mentor:                                              Vault of business, lifestyle, wellbeing & 'universal unseen' success strategies.

Style:                                                  Personalized. Compassionate. Forthright straight talk. Comedic