Julia Says

I like to work with individuals who are focused, driven and understand the balance between tradition, old school values and modern day innovation. I am for technology however not at the expense of humanity.


I believe in keeping things simple and empowering individuals and creating environments that support positive growth for all. When people feel good, productivity amplifies, as do returns. It isn’t’ complicated.  Imagine if every individual had access, was given the training and tools to elevate their wellbeing (mental, emotional, spiritual). The output of any one country across multiple verticals would 10X.


On a personal note I like music, dancing, cars, design and exploring cultures & cuisines when travelling!

Interesting Facts

I was once the only girl in a school of boys for two trimesters and the only girl in my class for four years. I trained and played sport with the guys (athletics, basketball, cricket, hockey, swimming, soccer, soft ball, tennis) except for rugby.


Angel:                                                Purpose driven with humanitarian heart.

Activator:                                         Provide the energy, drive to organise, get things in motion.

Creative                                           Geyser of ideas and creativity.

Continents:                                     Worked with clients in Asia, Australasia, Europe, North America. 

Doing:                                               Harmonize. Re-engineer. From great to brilliant.

Entrepreneurial:                           A kaleidoscope of ingenuity and solutions. 

Human:                                            Champion to others,  Mpowering.

Love:                                                  The outdoors. Music. Food. Design. Things that’s sparkle.

Magician:                                         IQ + EQ + SQ [spiritual intelligence]   

Mentor:                                              Vault of business, lifestyle, wellbeing & 'universal unseen' success strategies.

Style:                                                  Personalized. Compassionate. Forthright straight talk. Comedic