Collaborate With Me 
Mpowering Artists Through Mentoring 

To be a winner you need not just raw talent and determination, but support and  championing  from someone  who understands the business and creative demands of the entertainment industry and who truly has your back. Mentoring will help you to refine your whole approach by sharpening your creativity, energizing day-to-day activities, guiding you to think and approach things differently by way of traditional as well as non traditional strategies including 'unseen universal success strategies' and applying spiritual intelligence to fast -track career design and outcomes.

Working directly with artists as well as with talent agencies and music labels. 

Branding & Storytelling 

As a fresh pair of creative eyes I help companies and individuals get clarity as well as  re-clarify their purpose, positioning, key messaging leveraging the power of branding and storytelling as a means to differentiate, grow reach, value and influence. 


Process driven advisory & marketing solutions.

Entertainment & A List Engagement 

Supporting & guiding people, brands, VCs, start ups wishing to interface with, collaborate with or invest in the entertainment industry industry.


Providing training & insights to those companies who provide services to A list and celebrity clientele.