Working with clients taking on the role of champion, trusted sound board and motivational strategist utilizing my knowledge and international experience & perspective to provide clients with the strength, inner belief needed to support day to day or through transitions using my intuitively, yet strategic approach - email or book a session above. 

The definition of a sounding board >>> a person you run things by, or someone you turn to for advice, to whom you may share problems or ideas and have discussions with about those ideas and possible solutions.


Entertainment Mentoring & Coaching Sessions:

* For those thinking of a career or just starting out  in entertainment  in front of camera (actor, music artist) or behind the scenes (manager, agent, publicist, producer, writer). 

* For those already in entertainment front of camera or behind the scenes wishing for a fresh perspective. 

Feeling dis-empowered, lacking self-belief and motivation?

Have a hard time finding someone who really gets you?

No support or accountability network? 


Stuck creatively and cant seem to get tasks done?

OR you simply need....


A trusted pair of objective fresh ears & eyes to talk things through.




Someone with industry expertise  international and intuitive insights who also keeps up with the times.

Here to support and champion you:

_tapping into experiences (what has worked, not worked... business & beyond).

_energizing, inspiring you  

_acting as an accountability partner 

_ and some laughter too, life really is too short and I believe one of the best medicines to manage tough schedules and to elevate creativity. 


Pink Showcase

My own journey has equipped me with the necessary empathy & understanding  to support and navigate the myriad of  professional, personal and mindset hurdles that are inevitable and normal through the journey of life. 


My international  experience and global travels  have provided me with a broad level of insights & perspectives.  My client success stories reflect my ability to help clients improve careers and achieve a higher level of life satisfaction.

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A twenty five years interest in personal development , ongoing curiosity and have actually tried and tested strategies which complete  my coaching arsenal.