Creative Strategy & Direction

Creative Strategy & Direction

Whether crafting and ideating a fresh idea or working on an existing idea, taking it up a level. Julia brings with her a charge of energizing creativity.

Julia is able to apply her creative sensibilities and her branding skillset to a variety of mediums.

It was only relatively recently Julia was acknowledged for what was described as an affinity for ideating and conceptualizing formats.

She has previously worn the hat of development producer in feature films, worked with high profile talent on ad and creative campaigns and lead creative on branded film.

She has a natural aptitude to take in and assess core brand-touch points [visuals, word, sound]. Images, sounds, colors all hold messaging which can highlight, elevate or dissipate story, which ultimately impacts the bottom line. Julia puts her gold goggles on ensuring all touch-points are congruent and communicating in harmony.

  • Branded Content
  • Promotional Film
  • Publicity campaigns
  • TV Formats

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