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My name is Julia. Some people call me Jules. 

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Beverly Hills, CA, USA Dec 2018 at Real D  

Julia is a multi industry strategist, consultant,  business mentor, trusted soundboard,  storyteller, branding unicorn and motivational voice.

20+ years experience in B2C, B2B  including working with corporate, small to medium sized enterprises and with global celebrity profiles and their business ventures in the UK and USA.


She is experienced in applying her business knowledge, international perspective, personal growth strategies and methodical empowering approach to support senior stakeholders and their teams helping them grow and develop certain aspects of their business and, themselves.

Julia’s purpose is three fold: to inspire and champion, share knowledge and bring about positive transformational change. She blends a powerful sense of purpose with creative ingenuity and an expansive library of business, branding, life strategies, prowess and gems.


IQ + EQ + SQ + UQ

People . Businesses . Brands

In business she has garnered a wealth of experience in sales, communications, marketing and business development working with corporates, multi million pound SME’s and with celebrity profiles on their business ventures in the UK and US.  Julia is gifted in high level strategy with an ability to see things from a wide angle lens, laser in quickly on what is important and direct on big picture and micro detail at speed. She has an agility to streamline structures, construct simple systems and processes, up level positioning and communications to support business growth. Julia taps into her tool box of functional business skills, out of the box creativity, and methodical based approach.

Julia has a 20 year inherent interest in personal development including wellness, mind science, spiritual and universal strategies, metaphysical and quantum mechanics. She is trained, qualified as a Hypnotherapist recognizing the importance of neuroscience and mindset in business and life. Julia fuses her branding sensibilities and experience working with corporate, with A list celebrities monetizing their personal brands in Los Angeles in combination with her mindset tools working with clients to develop and elevate from the inside out. What Julia calls the inner work. She coined the phrase “branding from the inside out.”

Regardless whether business or individual – Julia delivers with positivity, genuine care and with an mpowering approach. She is a motivational and inspiring voice. Julia is experienced in working in highly confidential circles.


Some examples of companies worked and collaborated with on client assignments 

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