Blending  Ingenuity  Care Vision and Inspiration

Julia is revered for her ingenuity, vision and tenacity, embodying the role of strategist, storyteller, artist and mentor.

 A multidisciplinary strategist, sound board and mentor also specializing in branding & storytelling and artist mentoring. Julia is experienced in applying her gifts working with SME’s, entrepreneurs and celebrity profiles  in both USA and UK.




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IQ + EQ + SQ aka spiritual intelligence 

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Interesting Fact

I was once the only girl in a school of boys for two trimesters and the only girl in my class for four years. I trained and played sport with the guys (athletics, basketball, cricket, hockey, swimming, soccer, soft ball, tennis) except for rugby!


Angel:                                                Purpose driven with humanitarian heart.

Activator:                                         Provide the energy, drive to organise, get things in motion.

Creative                                           Geyser of ideas and creativity.

Continents:                                     Worked with clients in Asia, Australasia, Europe, North America. 

Doing:                                               Harmonize. Re-engineer. From great to brilliant.

Entrepreneurial:                           A kaleidoscope of ingenuity and solutions. 

Human:                                            Champion of others. Mpowering.

Love:                                                  The outdoors. Music. Food. Design. Cars.Things that’s sparkle.

Magician:                                         IQ + EQ + SQ [spiritual intelligence]

Mentor:                                             Vault of business, lifestyle, wellbeing and 'universal unseen' success strategies.

Style:                                                 Personalized. Compassionate. Forthright straight talk. Comedic